Broker Disclosure

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Statement of Broker Services and Compensation

Thank you for your business. As your Independent Insurance Broker, our role is to provide you with the best insurance products that combine coverage, service and price. We provide you with personalized service, expert insurance advice, ongoing policy maintenance and act as an advocate when any issues arise regarding your insurance coverage.

Brokerage compensation is part of your insurance premium. For your reference, the following outlines the Lines of Business we represent, including the range of compensation each provides as a percentage of the premium that appears on your invoice.

Commercial Property / Boiler & Machinery 10%-20%

Commercial Automobile 7.5%-12.5%

Commercial General Liability 10%-20%

Fidelity / Crime 10%-20%

Umbrella / Excess Liability 7.5%-15%

Professional Liability 10%-15%

Management Liability 10%-17.5%

Ocean Marine / Cargo 10%-20%

Surety 10%-30%

In order for us to maintain strong relationships with quality insurers, we work with insurers to provide the type of business they desire.

In addition, the insurers noted below recognize our efforts through a Contingent Commission contract. Payment of this Contingent Commission is dependent on a combination of growth, profitability (loss ratio), volume, retention and increased services that we provide on behalf of the insurer. It is based on our entire portfolio of business with that insurer and not on individual policies. For detailed information on Contingent Commission, please refer to the individual insurer’s website. Contingent Commission is not guaranteed. Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited may, from time to time, enter into non-standard arrangements, which could have compensation terms that fall outside these ranges.

We may carry out additional services such as data entry, processing claims payments and conducting site surveys. This additional work is compensated by payment of an agreed fee or commission.

              • AIG Insurance Company of Canada
              • Northbridge Insurance
                • Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company
                • Pafco General Insurance Company
                • Arch Insurance Company
                • Pembridge Insurance Company
                • Aviva Insurance Company of Canada
                • Promutuel Assurance
                • Chubb Insurance Company of Canada
                • Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company
                • CNA Canada, Inc.
                • Red River Valley Mutual Insurance Co.
                • Coachman Insurance Company
                • Sovereign General Insurance
                • Ecclesiastical Insurance Group
                • Travelers Insurance Company of Canada
                • Economical Insurance Group
                • Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company
                • Frank Cowan Company
                • The Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co.
                • Guarantee Company of North America
                • Western Surety Company
                • Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
                • Zurich Insurance Company Ltd
                • Intact Insurance (including Novex)

    From time to time, insurance companies will offer incentives to individual brokers, including contest entries, trips and other forms of hospitality. Such sales incentives are typically based on performance criteria established by the insurer. Our brokers are committed to providing objective advice to their customers and notwithstanding the receipt of any such incentives, are primarily concerned with servicing our clients’ best interests.

    Should there be an increase in the compensation provided by your insurance provider, we will notify you. Your insurance provider will be providing you with a Consumer Code of Rights & Responsibilities, along with your new business policy. If you have any questions regarding this, or any other aspect of your insurance, please feel free to contact us.