Corporate Social Responsibility



Making a positive contribution to our communities through promoting social, environmental and economical benefits is an important part of the Arthur J. Gallagher corporate identity.

In Canada, the US and around the world, we give back through employee and company contributions to support charitable organizations. Our efforts help children, people with severe illnesses and other members of the community find hope and support.

Our dedicated employees also donate hours of their time in direct volunteer work and team-based fundraising events. Whether it’s a run to beat breast cancer, a walk to fight Parkinson’s, a big bike ride to support heart and stroke recovery, a bake sale to raise funds for sick kids, a day of tree-planting or a bingo fundraiser, chances are you’ll see Arthur J. Gallagher employees turning out en masse to pitch in.

In the US, between 2009-2013, The Gallagher Matching Gift Foundation matched employee donations of $6,000,000 and community and voluntary involvement had an impact of $12,000,000. Over $1 million was donated to the Red Cross for disasters including the Indonesian & Japanese tsunamis, Hurricanes Katrina & Sandy, Haitian Earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan.


Globally we have provided funding for researching the commercialization of new and innovative clean-air technologies:

  • Clean energy operations producing refined coal
  • Chem-Mod; technology that reduces Hg, SO2 and other toxic emissions at coal-fired power plants
  • Cz Quest Technologies; technology that aids in safely eliminating CO2 by converting it into a benign powder

Whether we are working to help our communities and the environment, or striving to always be an ethical company, Gallagher’s employees are making a difference around the world.