Merger Partners

We're just getting started.

We have steadily grown to become one of the world’s largest insurance, risk management and benefits consulting firms. Our success has been underpinned in part by the acquisition of highly regarded broker partners. In Canada, we are seeking to expand our reach and better serve our clients.



We look for merger partners with similar cultures and who share our values and ambition. Our culture fosters teamwork, entrepreneurialism and success. Despite our size and global stature, we are still guided by our founder’s values of personal integrity, innovative thinking, and deep commitment to clients, openness, empathy and respect for employees.

As one of the most acquisitive brokers in the world, Gallagher brings more than just the deal to the table. We bring the strength and support of a global powerhouse to your business, creating positive change and growth to all stakeholders involved. If you are seeking a partner to bring your business to the next level and greater resources for client and the professional opportunities found in a larger organization, contact us.

Career Paths

To support professional advancement, Gallagher offers career paths for merger partners and their employees. Many of their employees have gained access to a full range of education and training programs—all aimed at career advancement and maximum earning potential.

Consider That:

  • Today, several former merger partners in Canada are senior leaders within our business.

  • Under the Gallagher brand, merger partners gain a competitive edge in recruiting and training top talent.

  • Our team approach to professional development enables less experienced employees to learn from their more seasoned colleagues.

  • Each year, hundreds of employees participate in classroom and online training programs.

  • In support of our partners’ recruiting efforts, we have offered a unique, industry-leading intern program for more than 40 years. Embracing the concept of learning by doing, the program now accepts more than 150 college students each summer from across North America.

  • Many of our employees have spent most or all of their careers with Gallagher, a credit to our company and the people who work here.

Gallagher’s Footprint in Canada

Gallagher has had a presence in Canada since 2007 and has grown steadily ever since.

Insurance & Risk Management

Dave Partington

CEO, Gallagher Global Brokerage

Benefits & HR Consulting

Leslie Lemenager

Vice President, International Division