Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Some items’ value is both financial and sentimental, and while we can’t replace the irreplaceable, we can offer the highest level of protection and should you ever need to make a claim, we will take responsibility for making sure that it is settled with minimal disruption.

Our long-standing relationships with leading fine art insurance providers enables us to offer some of the most comprehensive and competitive coverage options on the market.


Museums & Exhibitions

We offer coverage for both private and public museums, with flexible options that cover all relevant risks, from small, local exhibitors to historical libraries or national archives. Coverage is available for both temporary and permanent exhibitions, as well as items on temporary or long-term loan.

Corporate Collections

We also provide specialized policies to ensure broader coverage for corporate collections that if included on a general property policy may be underinsured or have limited coverage.

Artists, Art Dealers & Auction Houses

From items on consignment to items in transit or on display at an art fair, we can negotiate broad and competitive coverage appropriate for artists, art dealers, owners of commercial art galleries and auction houses.

Restorers and Conservators

We provide affordable policies that are specially designed for restorers and conservators of all media, including paintings, furniture, glass, textiles, sculpture and stonework. Coverage can be tailored to individual requirements, allowing the insured to choose the most appropriate coverage for their circumstances.