Solutions all the way down the line.

Our manufacturing and wholesaling professionals have developed a solid foundation based on years of industry experience. We understand the complex and ever changing dynamics facing your operations and we respond rapidly and decisively to changes in the market.



New regulations, volatility in supply chain management and environmental liabilities are just some of the issues that can impact your operations, but with the right Manufacturing Insurance in place, risk can be managed and your business can grow. Our experienced teams across Canada don’t simply deliver insurance solutions for today; we always have one eye on tomorrow too. You’ll find that we are here to help you protect your organization and build resilience into your plans for growth.

Our Industry Expertise Includes:

    • Environmental liability

    • Risk resilience

    • Dealing with crisis

    • Cyber risk insurance

    • Enterprise risk management

    • Employers’ liability

We work with businesses of all sizes, from new ventures to large manufacturers with complex risk issues, and our aims are always the same - to protect the value of your business, and help reduce the total cost of risk. Our teams will leverage their access to global markets to create and implement flexible and competitive programs and wherever we can, we aim to ‘break the mold’.