Transportation Training Courses


Online Transportation Training Courses

Through Carriers Edge, we offer customers a variety of online logistics and transportation training courses in English, French, Punjabi, and Spanish. As the employer, you are able to register your fleet team members, track their progress and deliver completion certificates, giving you the confidence that they have the transportation training skills required to minimize risk along their routes.

Online Transportation Training Courses Features

Volume Discounts for Transportation Businesses

This chart demonstrates the volume discounts your trucking company can apply for based on training investment spend.

Varied Testing and Assessment Transportation Training Tools

Our assessment tool provides multiple testing types and levels to accurately measure progress and performance of your transportation training courses.

  • Checkpoints ensures drivers are on the right track throughout their training

  • Scenario-based tests track driver performance and identify gaps in Course Finals

  • Knowledge Baseline are a great alternative to test your drivers’ comprehension without having to go through the full testing process

Transportation Education Tracking

We offer a range of reporting and analytical training tools online to for you to stay on top of your trucking company business, from a bird’s eye view to detailing all the important items.

  • A high level view offers a quick way to see your business’ progression, basic reports and module information in any period

  • For more specific insights, our detail reports provide a foundation of information to explore how to you build your one-on-one interventions from the ground up

  • Reports focused on trends and gaps help identify your strongest fleet assets and how to turn your blind spots into strengths

  • Our compliance manager keeps track of the little things that need to be done periodically, expiration dates, renewal times and overall statuses