Surveyors’ Plan for PSC Members

To provide the best overall Professional Liability Insurance Program to surveyors across Canada, the Professional Liability Insurance Committee appointed Gallagher as the exclusive broker for the PSC Insurance Program – Surveyors’ Plan. Your journey towards a better future can start right now.



Who is this program for?

The PSC Insurance program is underwritten by the Encon Group Inc. and provides comprehensive coverage, risk management education to Canadian surveyors. Surveyors Plan is designed to address the risks and challenges inherent to Land Surveyors across Canada and includes the following insurance solutions for PSC members:

1. Professional Liability Insurance

2. Business Insurance

(Field equipment, Building & Computer coverage, General liability, Automobile insurance)

3. UAV Insurance

(Aviation Liability, Hull Insurance, Personal Injury Insurance)

Some key coverage options include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Coverage Broad Coverage wording

    • Retirement Coverage

    • Sale of Business Coverage

    • One broker handling all of your insurance requirements

    • Exceptional value & service

    • Risk reviews, loss prevention advice and quick turnaround time for certificates of insurance

    • Claims advocacy for better & faster resolutions

Gallagher operates in every province and is widely regarded for specializing in the development of Professional Association Group Errors & Omissions (Professional) Liability programs. We know and understand the surveying profession and are committed to providing comprehensive coverage and expertise advise to surveyors across Canada.


Apply to Renew:

PSC New Business Application

PSC Renewal Application

Report a Claim:

PSC Claim Report Form

PSC Preliminary Claim Interview

If you have additional questions:

Mark Sampson, BBA, CIP, FCIP

Senior Vice President

Direct: 905.948.2631

Toll-Free: 1.800.267.6670 ext. 2631


Laura Stewart

Account Manager

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Toll-Free: 1.800.267.6670 ext. 8745