Compensation Consulting

We are a global leader in creating better outcomes.

Whether you need to encourage better productivity, a better culture, or undertake a major organizational change, great communications pull people together, help them understand what they need to do and how to make the best decisions.



    The importance of your employer brand and the clarity of your communication cannot be underestimated. What you say, how you say it, when you say it, and to whom are inextricably linked to your organization’s success. A clear internal communication strategy based on research, data, and a clear understanding of your challenges and goals allows you to optimize the connection between employee engagement and better performance.

    Our Services:

      • Board Advisory Services

      • Broad Based Compensation

      • Compensation Outstanding

      • Directors' & Executive Compensation

      • Job Evaluation

      • Market Reviews

      • Pay Equity Audit and Plans

      • Performance Management

      • Sales Compensation

    Gallagher’s Compensation Consulting team strengthens your organization with:

      • Simple, effective and efficient compensation solutions that add value to your business

      • A passionate commitment to delivering deep knowledge, relevant and innovative solutions through our hands-on approach

      • Expedient and integrated solutions that meet your goals and fit your budget