Pay Equity and Job Measurement

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Our Gallagher experts work with clients across all the major pay equity jurisdictions to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, including employers with operations in Quebec and federally regulated organizations. We help you face your future with confidence.


    Gallagher has extensive experience developing and updating pay equity plans in both unionized and non-union environments. We also have a proven track record helping organizations to implement and maintain job evaluation systems that support pay equity compliance. Whether your organization is dealing with pay equity in a single province or across multiple jurisdictions, we can help you:

      • Ensure you have the right type of job evaluation plan(s) to achieve and maintain pay equity

      • Complete the evaluation of jobs

      • Conduct pay equity analysis

      • Identify any pay equity gaps and define approaches for addressing them

      • Develop or update pay equity plans

      • Engage union representatives effectively in the pay equity process

      • Provide support and counsel during a pay equity audit or when responding to a pay equity complaint

      • Mediate compensation disputes

    Through our work, we regularly interface Pay Equity Commission representatives and Review Officers and stay in touch with the latest pay equity issues and emerging trends. We also work with and accept referrals from Employment lawyers.Job measurement is a foundational exercise that ensures you have a clear and consistent way to define jobs and their relative internal ranking.